Membership categories
Two categories have been adopted for admission into the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame;

  • Sailor (Athlete) – those who have competed at the highest level of competition or through personal endeavour in sailing, recognising the differing types of sailing.
  • General – administration, coaching, sports science/medicine, media, race officials, judging, and designers


Based on the above two membership categories, the following induction criteria will be considered:

1. Sailor (Athlete) Category

  • Superior achievement at the highest level of competition or personal endeavour
  • Performance of a particularly outstanding sailing achievement that warrants special recognition;
  • Degree of difficulty for a Nominee to attain the highest level of achievement;
  • In addition to a Nominee’s individual achievements, that person’s integrity, sportsmanship and character;
  • Support/respect of their peers.


2. General Category

  • High level of achievement from personal effort or initiative in sailing that contributes to the performances of athletes or to the development and status of sailing as a sport. A nominee in this category will need to have made a major contribution at the international or national level to sailing and have been;
    • Initiator of innovation;
    • Sailing developer that led to an innovation that significantly contributed to the development of the sport internationally/nationally;
    • Achiever at the highest levels of office or appointment available;
    • Contributor to sailing at the highest level.
    • Coach must have achieved outstanding results at international and/or national level and had success in World Championships, Olympics, and/or competitions including National and State level or have achieved outstanding results or performances in a manner or standard that deserves special recognition.
    • Officials must have achieved recognition for excellence at the international level at events such as (but not restricted to) World Championships, Olympics, Americas Cup as well as at the National and State level.
  • Mere long term service or involvement with sailing without having satisfied the primary requirements or demonstrated outstanding achievement arising from personal initiative or innovation, should not be seen as sufficient justification for selection.


Supplementary Criteria

  • Inductees to be an Australian citizen at the time of their achievement, taking into account pre 1901 Federation and where nominees may have changed their citizenship post their achievement;
  • As sailing is a sport for life, nominees do not have to be retired from the sport and can be active or retired from competition;
  • Number of inductions per year – the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame is about quality not quantity and the highest of achievement in sailing. While the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame may initially be in “catch-up” mode for inductees, a phased approach to inducting nominees is to be applied;
  • Nominations are, in the main, to be for individuals, but can be for a crew, owner(s) or designer(s) of a specific boat for outstanding achievement.



Australian Sailing in partnership with the Australian National Maritime Museum