1. Purpose & Commencement date
Purpose – The purpose of the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame is to acknowledge exceptional performance and contribution by an individual* to the sport of sailing at international and/or national level, past and present. Inclusive of all forms of sailing, both able-bodied and disabled, and should celebrate the sport of sailing.

Start Date – The Australian Sailing Hall of Fame is for recognition of individuals involved in sailing as a sport, so the establishment of the first club has been accepted as the start date of organised sailing in Australia. Research to date indicates the first sailing race was held on 26 January 1837 and some eight months later the establishment of the first yacht club in Australia, the Tamar Yacht Club, was founded on 2 September 1837. While using the start of organised sailing to set the start date at 1837, specific “sailing feats” by individuals who may not have been associated with organised club sailing are not to be excluded.


2. Membership categories
Two categories have been adopted for admission into the Australian Sailing Hall of Fame;

  • Sailor (Athlete) – those who have competed at the highest level of competition or through personal endeavour in sailing, recognising the differing types of sailing.
  • General – administration, coaching, sports science/medicine, media, race officials, judging, and designers.


3. Nominations
Nominations will be called for annually and must be made on the nomination and submitted via email.

  • Nominations will be accepted from
    • Affiliated Clubs
    • Affiliated Class Associations
    • Individuals who are a member of an affiliated Club
    • Australian Sailing Board; and
    • Australian Sailing Hall of Fame Panel;
  • Resubmission – any nomination which has been previously submitted, but not selected, can be resubmitted;
  • The Selection Panel is the arbiter in respect to the selection or otherwise of any Nominee, subject to final approval by the Australian Sailing Board.
  • Nominees will not be advised they have been nominated and they are being considered.


4. Process of selection
All nominations will be considered within the selection criteria. Research and fact checking will be undertaken to ensure the validity and credibility of the achievements of the nominee. Individuals or organisations may be contacted to confirm details or achievements and this will be done confidentially and without the knowledge of the nominee or nominator.

Australian Sailing in partnership with the Australian National Maritime Museum